Want to Know What Happened to America?

America is in trouble.  No jobs, low paying jobs that no longer have benefits that don’t cover even the necessities, no health insurance no company retirement and no future. We have reached an all time low and it was not just a series of bad decisions but a planned one.   Just 40 short years ago there was an unspoken loyalty between employer and employee. Your employer lived a comfortable life with luxuries and you, the employee, also had a secure life and comfortable life. You were given health insurance and retirement income. There was an unspoken agreement between employer and employee, loyalty to each other and a sharing of the profits of the business.  That has all been taken away from the middle class and it was planned 40 years ago.

Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter has unearthed the ‘Lewis Powell Memorandum’, written in 1971 by Lewis Powell.  The changes in the lives of Americans have happened so slowly that we did not notice it happening. Hedrick Smith has written a book that clarifies the ‘Manifesto a/k/a Memorandum’. The book, ‘Who Stole The American Dream’ should be read by every American regardless of the political party you subscribe to.

Our country and our way of life is going to fall off the cliff along with our financial future. There are thousands of Americans struggling together and we can make a difference!  Devote a day to being shown what and how Americans have been scammed.  Save your way of life, save your children’s future and read,  ‘Who Stole The American Dream’ by Hedrick Smith and the “Lewis Powell Memorandum’.