Brad and I learned that the standard of care for cancer is not following what doctors accept as true. Toxins need to come out of the body. Vitamins, minerals and all that affords our body will run correctly are being ignored. Instead, the poisoning begins without knowing anything about the condition of the body they want to treat. I want to put the knowledge out there and hope people will take charge of their health. I especially point this knowledge to parents of cancer children. The children depend on the adults and I don't want them let down.I speak for those with no voice. How you can survive "The New America". Be in control of your health in the face of disease.

Brad during one of his better days fighting cancer.
Cesium Protocol
The Truth
NPR, Fla. - As the American way of life and living it have gradually been taken away we  find ourselves living in a world where words are lies. Being a man of your word, knowing inheritly the difference between right and wrong and living by way of common sence have disappeared.
A friend of Brads was diagnosed with the same cancer as Brad. He stayed with
me for three months while he went through  treatment. Brad was treated at a
local pediatric hospital, his friend went to a  National Cancer Institute facility. 

Waiting for the doctor with Brad's friend I thought back to what I had learned
over the years. Here's a chance to hear from a National Cancer Center Hospital.
Questions ready, I'm hopeful. 
"Will you test for toxins?"  I said.  "No, cancer is not a result of that."
"How about a change in the diet."  I questioned.
"Eating as normal is fine."
No mention of toxin testing, nutritional changes, pumping up the immune
system. Still no testing to find out what is happening in the body.
Where has The NCI been?    That tells the story of the Cancer Business. 
Chemotherapy comes in a one size fits all.  Choose your poison and then
proceed to radiation, just to be sure.

The government works on a risk versus benefit proasention
Translated: money and jobs against lose of life. If you doubt, ponder this.  There
are people that used their knowledge and went against the only cure offered.
They won yet big Cancer ignores their victory.

We are dealing with a Cancer Business that is willing to sacrifice a certain
number of patients to keep the money coming in. Remember this, doctors treat
as they were taught and it is NOT finding the condition of the body through
scientifically recognized factors. We are full of toxins, we are vitamin deficient,
we breathe toxic air and drink water with unknown toxins for our drinking

Periodically media reports a breakthrough in cancer. When did you ever hear a
follow-up that cancer is now cured?  Those miracle cures mean extending the
life of a patient 3,4 months. Always, a common cancer. Never the more
aggressive cancers.  The Cancer Business must keep people working for the
cure and keep the money coming in.

I'm speaking for those that have no voice.

That is our Mission - Pass It Along

Lab Rat
Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Dear Friends,
II met Mr. Hamilton some years ago through a health forum. He cured his own cancer and is based on knowledge of the body and how the American lifestyle effects it.